Saturday, October 11, 2014

No Big Deal

My daughter started high school last month.  

The other night she told my wife and me that there's a transgender girl in her homeroom.  During the summer orientation session, this student attended as "Gabe" and now identifies as "Heather."

I was fascinated by this.  She told us about Heather in a very matter of fact way. 

I asked if people were nice to Heather.  Our daughter said her homeroom is fairly large and she doesn't know Heather very well but it seemed like people were nice to her. 

I don't think she wanted to talk about Heather too much because 1) my daughter is 14 and doesn't want to talk to us about anything too much (except, of course, when she really, really wants to talk to us - often at about 10 PM on a Tuesday night) 2) she and her group are very aware of treating people as people and it would be incredibly uncool for someone to tease or make fun of someone who's transgender.

My daughter and I were in the car the next day.  I told her I thought it was great that people were nice to Heather because life is often difficult for transgender kids.  She said it was no big deal.

I hope people really are nice to Heather and respect her for who she is and that things are changing.