Saturday, March 26, 2011

Carly Foulkes And Amazing Pink Dresses

So, I totally stole the title of this post from the blog Style... the new black

Carly Foulkes is the cute, playful girl in the T-Mobile commercials.  Her character has a fun persona and she looks great in the vintage inspired pink and white dresses she wears in the commercials.  I've seen other pictures of her and she looks great in whatever she's wearing but the combination of the "T-Mobile girl" character and the amazing dresses has made her a favorite of mine (and many others).

I've also noticed a little thing she does in several of the commercials. The dresses are made to move with her beautifully and to swirl and flounce a bit when she walks, but I've noticed she also "puffs" the hem of her skirt just a little to get more bounce when she moves.  It's subtle but a lovely affect.

The link above goes to a post about Carly and these lovely dresses I would have loved to have written.  It would be fun to wear dresses like this (and even more fun to be able to carry it off in public :)  ). 

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dixie Longate comes to town

Dixie Longate, super Tupperware party person, is in Chicago for 2 months of her stage show / Tupperware party. 

From the Chicago Sun-Times "Now you might think that’s a nostalgic blast from the past, but Longate, actor Kris Andersson’s drag persona, has made a career out of selling the plastic products first at home parties and since 2004 in the one-woman show “Dixie’s Tupperware Party.”

It sounds like good, silly fun. 

The article also mentions that "Men in drag successfully hawking Tupperware are a bit of phenomenon for the iconic company." and goes on to report that the in 2010, the top seller was Dee W. Ieye (a k a Kevin Farrell).

In this economy, you can always use some extra cash.  I wonder if people would come to a Linda Tupperware Party.

Sun-Times article about Dixie Longate

Q&A with Dixie

Thursday, March 3, 2011

The Doctor has great legs

I occasionally have a chance to watch Dr. Who (I'm old enough to remember the Jon Pertwee and Tom Baker years... maybe I shouldn't admit that).   The series restarted around 2005.  It's a fun, goofy well done show.  I'm never entirely sure what's going on, but that's part of the fun.

David Tennant did a great job as the 10th Doctor.  Here's a video of his visit to the Friday Night Project where he plays a slightly different role.  He's obviously an extremely versatile actor and has great legs, too.
Friday Night Project - David Tennant