Saturday, March 26, 2011

Carly Foulkes And Amazing Pink Dresses

So, I totally stole the title of this post from the blog Style... the new black

Carly Foulkes is the cute, playful girl in the T-Mobile commercials.  Her character has a fun persona and she looks great in the vintage inspired pink and white dresses she wears in the commercials.  I've seen other pictures of her and she looks great in whatever she's wearing but the combination of the "T-Mobile girl" character and the amazing dresses has made her a favorite of mine (and many others).

I've also noticed a little thing she does in several of the commercials. The dresses are made to move with her beautifully and to swirl and flounce a bit when she walks, but I've noticed she also "puffs" the hem of her skirt just a little to get more bounce when she moves.  It's subtle but a lovely affect.

The link above goes to a post about Carly and these lovely dresses I would have loved to have written.  It would be fun to wear dresses like this (and even more fun to be able to carry it off in public :)  ). 


  1. Unfortunately, we've probably seen the last of Carly in those commercials. With the announced merger of T-Mobile and AT&T, the whole ad campaign is being abandoned.

  2. Dani, I have to admit that when I heard of the upcoming merger, while news stories were concerned about anti-trust implications, loss of consumer options and potentially higher wireless prices, the first thought I had was "man, they won't be making any more of those fun Carly commercials."

  3. She is absolutely delightful! I don't watch TV, so I'd never seen these commercials. Too bad about the merger - I'd switch from stodgy Verizon to flirty T-Mobile in a heartbeat if I could have her dress, not to mention her looks and mannerisms!