Sunday, April 3, 2011


A quick review of shoes I like

Jessica Simpson Jessica
I saw these recently while browsing at DSW.  Very cute and I love the color.  At DSW, they're $59, kind of the top end for me when I buy women's shoes.  Now I do have a nice pair of red pumps already but I just like these so much.  DSW even had these in my size.  For some reason, I didn't buy them, but the DSW is not far and I may change my  mind.

Brian Atwood “Maniac” Metallic Leather Pumps

I subscribe to The Shoe Goddess.  It's a well done site and you get reports (and pictures) of cute shoes almost every day.  The blog's author has very good (and expensive) taste and on a dreary day, it's nice to get that e-mail.

I love these "Maniac" Metallic pumps.  Not really something for the office, but so pretty.  I saw a picture of the adorable Emma Roberts wearing these pumps  She would probably look good in Crocs, but she looks so cute in this picture.

Christian Louboutin Simple Patent Pumps 85

These pumps are so elegant and I love the color.

Brian Atwood “Power” Patent-Leather Pumps

Another great pair of red pumps.  They're gorgeous but at $570, I won't be buying a pair anytime soon.  The Shoe Goddess says

Power is right! Nothing says power like a woman in a sexy red pump, and this Brian Atwood “Power” Patent-Leather Pump is definitely sexy!
I do adore red pumps, but this pump in particular is impressive! The red is the perfect shade. I especially love the 5.5-inch shaped heel. But don’t worry—there is a hidden platform, so hopefully your tootsies won’t hurt!
This is another one of those shoes that you can wear with anything! They will look fabulous with dresses, work attire or even casual outfits! Plus, the price is amazing!

I really like The Shoe Goddess site and I agree that the price is amazing.  We just have slightly different meanings of "amazing"


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  2. I think that the Jessica Simpson shoes are cute but I think that their largest size is 10 med which is not going to make it for me.

  3. Pat, I found the Jessica Simpson shoes in 11 medium (my size). I actually wound up buying them in a "nude" shade. I love that color and shoes in that shade really do seem to make your legs seem longer.

    I am still thinking about the same shoes in red...