Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Dixie Longate comes to town

Dixie Longate, super Tupperware party person, is in Chicago for 2 months of her stage show / Tupperware party. 

From the Chicago Sun-Times "Now you might think that’s a nostalgic blast from the past, but Longate, actor Kris Andersson’s drag persona, has made a career out of selling the plastic products first at home parties and since 2004 in the one-woman show “Dixie’s Tupperware Party.”

It sounds like good, silly fun. 

The article also mentions that "Men in drag successfully hawking Tupperware are a bit of phenomenon for the iconic company." and goes on to report that the in 2010, the top seller was Dee W. Ieye (a k a Kevin Farrell).

In this economy, you can always use some extra cash.  I wonder if people would come to a Linda Tupperware Party.

Sun-Times article about Dixie Longate

Q&A with Dixie


  1. Go for it, girl! :)

    It looks like good, clean fun!

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