Saturday, April 12, 2014

I Want Her Outfit

I've been browsing through fashion blogs.  Not the professional ones with impossibly thin models wearing outlandish runway fashions, but the amateur and semi-professional blogs where women show off their every day style and post pictures of other women looking great in outfits that you could see on real people.

That's how I stumbled on to  I Want Her Outfit.   I love most of the posts on this site (although there is a post of a woman wearing pajamas and a headscarf on the street that mystifies me - I know how to look dowdy - I don't need help there - maybe it's a joke, but I don't get it).  I would love to wear those clothes and, of course, look even half as pretty as the women in the pictures.

Although I Want Her Outfit hasn't been updated since last May and only has four months of updates, there are enough fun posts to make a visit worthwhile.

Maybe my favorite thing about I Want Her Outfit is the logo.

I'd love to look and dress like one of the women pictured, at least for a little while.  How amazing to be so pretty.

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