Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I love reading tg captions.  I appreciate the time and creativity that goes in to creating captions.

My favorite captions are those that are more PG13 or R rated.  It's just a personal preference.  Many of the more explicit captions are fun, too, but the ones I like the most are those that aren't quite as explicit.

I really like hypnosis and mind control caps.  Like many crossdressers, I've felt guilty about my need to dress up.  A long time ago, the fantasy of being hypnotized and "forced" to be a girl became very appealing.  The psychology is pretty basic.  If you're "forced" you still get to be a girl but it's not your fault. 

A few favorites from Emily's TG Captions:

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  1. Sorry, I'm reading through from the beginning and had to comment on this post, let me know if you don't want any more blasts from the past, but I find it very comforting what you say here.

    Seriously, thank you for sharing.