Thursday, December 2, 2010

It's The Dress

It's the dress is a fun little blog about the the notion of the “hermeneutic of suspicion” used to describe the range of theoretical positions adopted by Marx, Nietzsche, Freud and their intellectual offspring.

Well, it's mostly about cute cocktail dresses, casual dresses and everything in between but I could have sworn one of the articles last month had a quote about Marx saying he didn't like the bare legged look on women over 40 wearing short dresses.  .

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  1. I agree with the lack of interest in bare legged women. I went to a wedding this weekend and form the most part was in awe and envy of some of the beautiful dresses being worn. the bridal gown was spectacular and the bridesmaid dresses were also very pretty...BUT... it is December in the north and the temps were at freezing or lower. Strapless gowns have their place but these girls froze. Add to that that none of the bridesmaids nor the bride wore hosiery (which I had the good sense to wear under my suit), and It was almost uncomfortable to watch them posing for pictures outside the church. They were out side for over an hour. God bless young blood.

    Getting back on subject I would say most, but not all, of the women over 35 wore hosiery but very few of the younger ladies did unless they had on very short skirts and were wearing black tights or opaques.

    To me I just cannot see these women, especially the older ones, dressing without proper hosiery. I cannot wait for the bare legged look to run its course.