Thursday, July 7, 2011


The other day my wife visited her mother with our 11 year old daughter, my wife's sister and her sister's 13 year old nephew.  My wife and daughter didn't get home until well after 10:30, past my bedtime.

The next day, I finally caught up with my wife and asked how their visit was.  My mother-in-law lives in a condo development with a nice pool.  Everyone swam for a while, had dinner then hung out with my mother-in-law while she packed for a trip.

My wife told me that our nephew Michael started playing around, putting on his grandmother's clothes and high heels.  Michael's mother laughed a little nervously and told my wife she could never tell her husband about this, he would just go crazy.  Michael is a gentle young man, not effeminate but gentle and many of his friends are girls.  His dad isn't a super macho guy but he would be very unhappy to know about Michael dressing up, even for a lark.

My wife said Michael really seemed to enjoy dressing up.  He played around with feminine gestures and was quite good in his feminine imitation.  My sister-in-law whispered to my wife, "Maybe he'll be a transvestite when he grows up."  My wife smiled and said, "I think they call themselves crossdressers.  And maybe he won't wait until he grows up."   My wife said all of this in a joking manner but there may have been a bit of truth in what she said.

My wife knows that I enjoy crossdressing.  Of course, she probably would have told me the story anyway, but knowing that I like to dress made the story even more interesting.

I don't think my nephew is a crossdresser, but who can really know?  His mother is tiny and he's an only child, so unlike me at that age, he doesn't have a chance to experiment with his mother's or sister's clothes and shoes.  This may have been an opportunity for him to dress that he doesn't often have.. 

When I was about 11, my younger sister and I played around one day and dressed me in her blue dress and my mother's blue pumps.  It was wonderful.  I had to pretend not to like it and just treat it as a joke, but it felt great and I thought I looked so cute.  Even at 11, the heels did great things for my legs.  We went to where my mom was cooking so she could see what I looked like.  She laughed a little and said I looked pretty.

It was such fun to dress up.  I had played around a little, secretly, of course, but no one had seen me dressed as a girl.  I know now that although I knew to keep my desire to dress a secret, there was something great about having other people see me dressed as a girl.  Maybe it was part of my unknown desire to show others a side of me that I wish I could let out.  I enjoyed that day very much and, as you can tell, still have very fond memories of that day.

I wonder if our nephew had a similar experience the other evening, enjoying the feeling of dressing up and also enjoying the feeling of being able to show his secret side a little bit.

Or maybe it was nothing, just a little bit of fun.  I'm fine with it either way.  It did make my wife and me wonder a little.

I told my wife that if he is a crossdresser, maybe things will be a little easier for him than it was for me when I was growing up.  My wife, who does not like my crossdressing, smiled with clenched teeth and said, "Well, you can think that if you want, but I don't agree with you."

If Michael does crossdress, I do hope things are easier for him.  Maybe it's just wishful thinking, but I hope that young crossdressers find things a little easier than people my age did.  I hope they understand that they're not the only ones who feel the way they do and know that they shouldn't feel guilty or set apart from other people.

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