Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Crossdressing and General Geekiness

The other day I entered a search term like "best science fiction stories" into Google.  One thing led to another and I wound up at site that had a science fiction story called The Fermi Paradox Is Our Business Model  Before I even read the story (pretty good, by the way), I noticed that the author, Charlie Jane Anders, seemed familiar.  Sure enough, it's the same Charlie Jane Anders who's the author of The Lazy Crossdresser  Here's a link to her site:  http://charliejane.com/

I'm not the first or even the thousandth person who's noticed there seem to be quite a few geeky people (software engineers, science fiction fans, electrical engineers, etc.) in the transgender community.  I think a lot of this is because transgendered people who are online have to have at least a working knowledge of computers to even get online and, being online ourselves, those are the people we tend to notice.  Especially for mostly closeted people like me.  I know there are many transgendered people who are not geeky and are not even online (how do they live???) but it does seem like there's a higher percentage of geeky people among crossdressers.

There's more I can say, but, as usual, I'm late for something already.

What do other people think about this?


  1. Tracking down numbers on CDs and their occupations and non-CD interests has always been an uncertain science but every time I have seen any type of a survey it has always shown a heavy number of tech type folks. This is consistent to a member listing that I had received from Tri-Ess 15-20 years ago (pre-internet for me). I remember going over this member profile listing and thinking that there were a huge percentage of engineer/techie types. I also was amazed at the large numbers of folks who had an interest in railroads or model trains.
    I suppose that there are CDs from every walk of life. I am a computer Luddite and I would think that setting up a blog or website or whatever would be way above my pay grade.

  2. I think the coincidence of SF fandom and CD might be because the SF community is incredibly tolerant of all kinds of lifestyles (you have to be when you have been a niche group all along). The tradition of costuming probably helps, too. A lot of CDs are also comics fans, I've discovered.