Friday, January 21, 2011

Is Hypnosis a Magic Pill?

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about the mythical "magic pill" - the pill that could change you permanently or, even better, temporarily into a woman

I think it would be wonderful to feel like I had really transformed, at least for a little while.  I wouldn't want it to be permanent, but to be able to feel like I was really a woman, maybe for a day or two, is a wonderful fantasy.

I've been intrigued by hypnosis for a long time.  My uncle was an amateur hypnotist and hypnotized people at several parties he gave.  It was fun and funny but even then I wondered whether I could be hypnotized to feel like I had been transformed into a girl.

Starting sometime in my teens, occasionally when I would dress, I would employ the fantasy of having been hypnotized into having to crossdress.  I think this "forced" aspect is not unusual for crossdressers who feel guilty about their passion.  You can pretend that it's not you wanting to crossdress, but that you're having it imposed upon you. 

Apparently it's a fairly common fantasy.  I've seen many web sites that feature hypnotic feminization.  These sites generally come in two flavors:

the "forced" sites where the man is tricked into being hypnotized and turned unwittingly into a woman (these tend to be fairly explicit)

the "nicer" sites that purport to be about helping crossdressers and transsexuals to feel more feminine and adopt more feminine traits and gestures

The "nicer" sites (which aren't always all that nice) suggest that with training, under hypnosis, you can achieve a kind of alternate state where, while you're aware you're really still a man, you also experience your feminine side more fully (whatever that means).

I've played around with a few free self hypnosis mp3 files.  I find the idea intriguing and the part of me that fantasized years ago about being hypnotized and having to dress up still finds the idea exciting.  Of course, I don't think I've ever achieved a real trance state, but it was fun listening to the files and pretending.

Is it possible, with a trained hypnotist, to achieve a trance state where, for a while at least, you feel like you've become a young beautiful woman?  I doubt it, but it's a nice fantasy.


  1. I suspect it's possible, though I've never experienced it, either. Like you, it's been a fantasy for me since I first realized I was a crossdresser.

    If anyone else wants to see what my fantasies are like, they can check out my blog:

  2. Excellent question, similar to what the law of attraction states. Would it be possible to switch ones gender off and on at a whim, what would you be then, still a cd? Dont think so. Besides isnt it mostly the males inside us that feel the sexual need to look like females. If you where to switch that off, then you would just be a normal woman , with no sexual kicks out of it. Ask any transgendered person. Their personalities are driven by the intense feeling that they are female. The rest is just window dressing.
    So yes, i would love to switch off my maleness complete, but then i would not enjoy being the woman that much, cuase none of the maleness would drive the sexual fantasy.