Friday, January 21, 2011

There's Something About Mary (Janes)

I may have mentioned once or fifty times that I love shoes.  It's nothing as sordid as a shoe fetish, of course.  It's just a sincere appreciation for cute shoes.

I love this pair from Cole Haan.  Stephanie Air Mary Jane  This is actually a link to Zappo's so there's even a short video description of these shoes.

Like many other crossdressers, I tend to get stuck a little bit loving the clothes and shoes that were in style when I first began to regularly crossdress.  For me, this was just before high school.  I remember going to high school dances (standing in the corner with the other shy boys), watching the girls dance with each other.  Mary Janes with small heels were very popular at that time.  There in the corner, I went through the common crossdresser train of thought - thinking how nice it would be to talk to and dance with a cute girl while at the same time being a little jealous of the cute clothes and shoes the girls were wearing.  That may have been where my appreciation of Mary Janes started.

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