Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Chance To Dress

I had a chance to dress for a little while yesterday.  I almost didn't.  Everyone was out of the house somewhat unexpectedly.  I had errands to run and other things to do and I thought dressing for a half hour wouldn't be worth it.

I did decide to dress up and am so glad I did.  Long ago, I was a runner.  There were times when it was so difficult to get ready to run and get started but it was great once I started.  I can't say that's what this was like.  It was more overcoming the "what's the use" feeling that I get sometimes.

Mostly, getting dressed up was great.  I quickly had that relaxed, happy feeling that I almost always get when I dress.  My skirt was a little tight, a reminder that I've put on weight over the winter.  My guy slacks are very loose and have lots of "invisible stretch" so they hide a minor weight gain (yeah, I'm quite a stylish dresser as a guy).  My woman's clothing, while not form fitting by any means, do fit me better and aren't nearly so forgiving.   It was still really fun to dress up but it did remind me that my all carb winter diet may need a little moderation.

I do get s little frustrated with these short dressing sessions but, overall, they're a very nice time and I'm glad I took advantage of the time I had.  I'd love to go all out, full makeup and everything, and spend much more time as Linda.  I'd really enjoy getting the chance to go out and be with other girls like myself, something I haven't been able to do for such a long time.  Even so, I do enjoy these short sessions and am trying to appreciate these opportunities and not bemoan what I'm not able to do.


  1. Gal image and 'getting into the clothes' is a great motivator!

    Hmm.. a slogan? "Crossdressing; A Healthy Lifestyle!"

    Maybe needs a little work, but a good start, and true!



  2. All the things you said apply to me as well. I look forward to even the briefest dressing session with great anticipation. As for "sharing", that is why I always take pictures and post them on my blog and Flickr. It is my way of getting a vicarious thrill of being in a group of like-minded girls!

  3. Halle and Dani, thanks for your comments. Dani, it's always fun to see your new pictures. Halle, I agree with your slogan (although it's taken me a long time to get there).

  4. Will you ever post more pictures of yourself, Linda?

  5. A great post and one that rings true for me, and likely many others. When it comes to dressing I find that "every little bit helps". I have not yet had a chance to go full out (dress, wig, makeup, etc.) this year, 2011. As such I use every opportunity to go as far as time and circumstances permit. Underdressing, partial dressing, whatever. It is all good for dealing with the 'need to dress...stress'.