Friday, February 25, 2011


Visited DSW (Designer Shoe Warehouse) over lunch today.

What a great shoe store.  They have a huge selection of shoes from high end pumps to cute sandals and flats.  I'm pretty sure they sell men's shoes, too.  Those are off in a corner somewhere.

There's another great thing about DSW.  They stock size 11 in about half of their women's shoe collection.   While I don't have dainty feet (I used to joke with a cd friend of mine about how lucky she was to take a size 9 women's shoe.  Almost every style is available in size 9.), I know I'm lucky that I generally take an 11.  Past 11, except for Payless, you're starting to look at mostly specialty shops.

I saw several pairs that I loved today.  I really love neutral / nude color patent pumps and want to buy at least one pair.  I loved the way they looked on the girls who wore them last summer and fall.  Unfortunately, in the styles I saw, they either didn't have my size or the ones in my size weren't quite what I was looking for.

I did see several styles of black patent leather pumps that I thought were just great.  I already have three pairs of black patent leather pumps plus a pair of black patent leather open toe slingbacks (so cute!) so while I was tempted, I took a pass.  Came very close to buying these cute Calvin Klein Olive pumps.  Yes, they're black patent leather pumps, but just a little different from the others I have.  I guess I could go back next week.

It was such fun browsing today.  I was planning to go to lunch a little early - I'm usually not too shy about looking at shoes but it is a little easier when it's less crowded.

Given time and opportunity, I think I could become a mini Imelda Marcos.  The practical side of me says that I really don't need too many shoes since I get to dress for 15 - 20 minutes maybe once a month.  The less practical side says "look at those cute, cute shoes..."

I think it would be such fun to go shoe shopping en femme either with another crossdresser or, perhaps even better, with a supportive genetic girl.  It's always been one of my fantasies.  Mild as fantasies go, but still very nice.


  1. Getting out to do anything while dressed is such an overwhelming urge that I am constantly running scenarios through my mind. Going shoe or dress shopping en femme is a powerful concept.

    It is odd how a big, strong, tough guy like myself just turns to mush in womans's stores. Just being around displays of shoes, lingerie, dresses, makeup causes my mind to fry. On the one hand I would really love to be one of the ladies checking out the merchandise and trying on various items. On the other hand I fret about other people (women) in the store noting my over avid interest.

    I have been out shopping with my wife and, of course, she knows how much I love being with her shopping for woman's stuff. It is tough pretending to be the semi-uninterested husband who is hiding a life long CD under his skin.

    Once, several years ago, I kept my nerve up enough to buy some heels at a Payless.

    About 20 years ago I joined Tri-Ess. My wife did not want any of their material to be mailed to our house and she suggested I get a PO box. That let the mail order genie out of the bottle and just about everything that I have has been mail order.

  2. Pat, thanks for your comment. Most of the time when I'm browsing for clothing or shoes, I feel pretty confident about being there and it seems to work out ok. Every now and then, I feel a little nervous (maybe if it's crowded). I think it would be great fun to go shopping en femme (at least if I was somewhat passable), but that hasn't happened yet.