Friday, February 25, 2011

Cute new skirt

I actually have a few minutes to dress tonight.  I'm wearing a new black top with a lacy back, a faux leather miniskirt, brand new clingy hose and my favorite pair of black patent leather pumps.  I'm feeling so cute.

It's so rare that I have the house to myself and have the chance to dress up.  It's wonderful.

I know my outfit is totally inappropriate for a woman my age, but one of the consolations of being a crossdresser is you can dress in a totally age inappropriate manner.

I love these times when I can be Linda.  I wish there were more.opportunities.

I recently became a follower of Felicia Katt.  She's a gorgeous girl and looks like she enjoys her life so much.  I have to admit I'm a bit jealous.  I don't know if I'd really like to be living her life, but it does look like fun.

Most of the time, I'm ok with being the closeted, seldom dressed Linda, but there are times when I just ache to be the party girl, to have adventures, to be totally selfish and hedonistic.

I once read a saying that said "you can do anything, but you can't do everything"  I understand, but....  I'm greedy and I want to do everything.  My family is too valuable for me to jeopardize it.  As much as I love being Linda, I love my family more.  If only there was a way to have just a little more Linda time.


  1. Your comments are beautiful. There are so many out there that feel the same way. I wish you the best and hope you get more opportunity but I think you have your priorities in perspective. Family and stability have to come first. Keep being "yourself" both for you and for all of us!

  2. When the kids were still home I would take any few minutes to make any connection I could with my CD yens.
    Now that we are empty nesters I have pushed things to the point where my wife is no longer surprised if I spend some time in a dress.
    Most nights I will sleep in a night gown. In cooler weather I am almost wearing hose.
    Whenever I have bought something new there is the great urge to try it on and see how it fits and how it looks.
    Of late my wife's biggest complaints are along the lines of the amount of clothes that I have accumulated. She thinks I have enough for someone who hardly ever gets out of the house. Of course, she is correct. She also has a concern with the cost of my second wardrobe. She has a good eye as to what she has seen me wear before so I tread carefully with displaying any new purchases. Often I will wear something several times when she is not around so that if she comments that something is new I can honestly say that it has been around a bit and has been worn previously.
    Yes, I know it seems silly but keeping the right attitude along with always caring for her feelings and being able to compromise on my dressing is a big part of my CD nature and a big part of my wonderful long term marriage.